See How Our Suite of Applications
is Bringing Together Carriers & Drivers

What It Does

DRIVERLENS was created to bring together Independent (Owner Operator) drivers and Carrier companies. With DRIVERLENS carriers can onboard IC Drivers to expand their area of business and IC Drivers can work on demand for multiple carrier companies. DRIVERLENS pairs industry standard technology and years of know how together to create a true scalable cloud based solution.

A Mobile App For Drivers
That Does It All

The DriverLens App is your gateway to more opportunities, more freedom and more revenue. DriverLens helps promote your business, increases your visibility to a multitude of carriers across the country and equips you with the mobile software expected by shippers and carriers in the Final Mile, Sameday, Nextday, Scheduled, Routed or Distribution space. Integrated with today’s leading 3rd Party Administrators, DriverLens distinguishes you as a quality contractor and that provides carriers with an elevated level of confidence that they’ve chosen the right contractor for the job.

DRIVERLENS is for IC Drivers

DriverLens is a “Bring Your Own Device” app that drivers can use on their smartphones ( iOS & Andriod ) to switch between carrier companies, accept jobs and complete deliveries. DRIVERLENS is based on industry standard MobileTek Core technology that is familiar to most IC Drivers in the industry.

Benefits to IC Drivers…

Exposure to dozens of potential new customers (carriers) in any geographic region

Ability to enter a job ready to start NOW, having all the required technical skills and experience

No longer pay tech expenses to 2 or more carrier companies. One monthly fee and you're covered and able to work for any subscribing carrier company

Freedom to use one simple mobile app to easily toggle between any number of carriers you work for.

New opportunity to receive and manage quote-requests from linked carrier companies

Manage your DriverLens business profile to promote and expand your business through the DRIVERLENS directory

A Web App For Carriers

For carriers, DriverLens delivers the visibility you need to find and onboard, qualified Independent Contractors that are readily equipped with MobileTek to handle deliveries for your Final Mile, Sameday, Nextday, Scheduled, Routed or Distribution based customers. DriverLens not only supports the growth strategy of your business, it also reduces your overhead and minimizes IC onboarding and training time. Integrated with today’s leading 3rd Party Administrators, DriverLens fully supports the IC model, affording you the peace-of-mind you want as you focus on building relationships and growing your business.

DRIVERLENS is for Carriers

DriverLens for carriers is a cloud based dispatch solution that helps, manage, track, and quote jobs for your fleet of IC Drivers. DriverLens offers one huge never before offered advantage to carriers: True Scalability. With DriverLens you can expand the reach of your companies area of business virtaully anywhere in the United States with TPA certified drivers onboarded in a click.

Benefits to Carriers…

Onboard IC drivers through your TPA who are already equipped and skilled with the mobile technology your business requires

ICs pay their own subscriptions for MobileTek so you don't have to manage the pesky accounting task of passing the cost to drivers

Use a map to see available ICs in a certain geographic area where you have a new business opportunity

Reduced onboarding and training time means you have the capacity to take on more business opportunities and scale faster

Option to use pooled drivers with strategic partnering carriers without paying twice (or at all) for the same driver, as was the case in the past

Use new quote-request feature to get a quote from several linked IC's and then accept and award the business to a select one

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